The Power of Cutting Hair

In the last few weeks I have seen many women across the world cut their hair in protest against the Iranian regime and the unjust death of Masah Amini. 

Amini was just 22 years old, when she was stopped in the street and arrested by the Iranian Morality police for not wearing her Hijab properly. She was taken into custody and just hours later, she was in a coma. Three days later, she was dead. The cause of death? A heart attack and brain seizure. Her family, many Iranians and experts agree that it seems unlikely for a fit and otherwise healthy 22 year old… And if it were it would mean she experienced severe violence and brutality at the hand of the police. 

Her death has been the catalyst for one of the biggest uprisings in Iran in decades. With millions taking to the streets and cutting off their hair in protest to the Iranian regime. 

Hair is a symbol of power, strength and desire – and cutting it off can be powerful, it can represent taking back control.

This act has made me think of the clients at Bonnie’s and the times I have seen them take back control of their lives after domestic violence. When I see them dress differently or do something different with their hair and I know they are on a path back to strength. They walk with a sense of pride and are empowered because finally, they can do what they want with their bodies. But most importantly – they don’t have to report to anyone. 

Written with Marryanne

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