We have the skills, ideas, compassion and energy but with your help we can do more.


Bonnie’s is seeking donations to enhance the funding we receive from FACS and other funding bodies. While our regular funding enables us to provide staffing, case management services and crisis support, additional money can allow us to provide extra support.

How do donations make a difference?

Donations are used to purchase clothing or furniture, send children on school excursions, pay the cost of shelter for pets, pay for medication; provide basic support to women without access to Centrelink payments or other income. The cost of removalists, minor car repairs, additional study requirements, extra blankets and bedding and children’s birthday presents can all be covered by donations. Electrical goods are not always able to be obtained easily and donations have enabled us to buy heaters as the winter has approached.

If you would like to make a donation and also nominate the area that you would like us to direct the spending, feel free to let us at Bonnie’s know and we will do our best to see that this occurs.

Any financial donation, large or small can help to make life a little easier for the women and children who use our services and help to reduce the pressure that is par for the course for Bonnie’s clients.

We can do more with your help

Or if you prefer, please send a cheque to:

Bonnie Support Services Ltd
PO Box 57, Canley Heights NSW 2166

Bonnie’s is a Registered Charity and Deductible Gift Recipient.

Note: We would love to be able to acknowledge your kind donation in our Annual Report.
Please let us know if you’d rather we didn’t.

Unfortunately we are not often able to take goods, as storage and /or transport can be difficult.