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March 20, 2018

The work we do

A few years ago I wrote a blog post about my experience of being a caseworker again – even though it was only for a few hours. It was a powerful experience for me and I was struck by how easy it is to lose…

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March 9, 2018

Rob Porter: A cautionary tale

Rob Porter, the White House aide who resigned last month, after he was publicly accused of abusing his two former wives, was an upwardly mobile Harvard-educated Rhodes scholar with a well-connected family, and a Mormon. It’s no wonder the allegations against him remained secret for…

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March 2, 2018

Get Hairy February

When I was 13, my friend and I wanted to shave our legs. Our mums said no. But all the other girls at our new high school were doing it. So I stole my mum’s Bic and we shaved them, at school, in an empty…

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February 23, 2018

Women’s Day vigil – Join us!

In December last year, as part of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, Bonnie’s held a candlelight vigil to remember the Australian women who lost their lives to domestic violence during 2017. There were 49 women by year’s end. This year, another nine…

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February 16, 2018

Six films about sexual harassment 

The films below are based on real events… Many, perhaps most, of us have experienced sexual harassment. As part of the great lifting the lid on generations of silence and complicity, edited versions of these are now being screened on American TV as public service announcements….

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February 14, 2018

Saying ‘no’ to harassment

When I was in my mid-20s, I got a job as editor of a small newspaper. My boss was an overweight gay man with a wild temper. He always stood too close to me or leaned over me at my desk, so his stomach pushed…

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February 2, 2018

Managing conflict

Conflict is a normal part of life. Issues with communication and misunderstandings are often a source of conflict, as are differences in expectations, opinions, beliefs and values. However conflict is very different to domestic violence, in which there is a deliberate abuse of power and…

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January 22, 2018

Movement for mental health

Many people put exercise high on their list of resolutions for the New Year after over-indulging on fruit mince pies over the holiday season! We all know that exercise is good for our bodies but what many of us don’t realise is that exercise is…

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January 11, 2018

Candlelight Vigil 2017

In an average week in Australia, at least one woman is killed by her partner or former partner. As part of the international 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, held at the beginning of December, Bonnie Support Services organised Liverpool’s first ever candlelight vigil…

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December 28, 2017

Empowerment through education!

Ten courageous local women, who have done it tough, recently jumped at the chance to take part in a free TAFE course, with the support of Bonnie’s and our industry partners, the Liverpool Women’s Health Centre and the Liverpool Women’s Resource Centre. The seven-week Introduction…

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December 22, 2017

Celebrating together

From December to early January many cultures around the world have traditional celebrations. For most of human history, people have celebrated around the December solstice – the longest (southern hemisphere) or shortest (northern hemisphere) day of the year. The summer and winter solstices are still…

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December 8, 2017

Self-worth: You deserve it!

I was talking to a woman recently, who had been in an out of an abusive relationship. She said it took her many years to understand why she kept returning to her husband. But in the end she began to see that the trauma and…

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November 24, 2017

We all need laughter

‘If you don’t laugh, you will cry.’ This is something I probably repeat to myself on a daily basis. I’m lucky to share my office with two people who I can laugh and joke with very comfortably. They see me on my good days and…

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November 13, 2017

A Parenting Success Story!

One of my colleagues at Bonnie’s, Babs, has two children aged 9 and 5 and a shift-working husband… Babs is a Family Worker and, like many parents juggling multiple commitments, she is a hardworking woman prone to giving herself a hard time. A few months…

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October 30, 2017

It’s a Choice

In the field of domestic and family violence work, we refer to people who CHOOSE to use violence as a form of power and control over others as perpetrators. Because it is a choice. A perpetrator of domestic/family violence is 100% responsible for their choice…

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